October 2023 Work Weekend

Our October 2023 work weekend was a resounding success!  I just wanted to thank all who are volunteering their time and/or money to support our sacred LOMG! Rain came on Thursday and lifted the burn ban and brought in absolutely beautiful weather.  With a volunteer team of approx 25 people we got some serious stuff done:

  • Gutters were cleaned
  • The linen cabinet was organized
  • Path lighting was installed
  • Roofs for Cabin 2 and 8 were weatherproofed (to prevent leaks)
  • Window on Cabin 3 was sealed to prevent leakage 
  • New dimmers/lighting for Cole hall were installed
  • Trees were trimmed (one dead tree was cut down)
  • The office area in dining hall was organized
  • The irrigation system at the Circle of Stones was repaired
  • The tractor area was cleaned up
  • All the trash behind cabins 9 and 10 has been hauled off
  • Windows were washed
  • Cold reflection on the staff bath house was properly affixed
  • Lotsa other little projects were knocked out!

Thanks again to all the volunteers and donors who are helping LOMG thrive as we live in mission:  “LOMG’s mission is to provide an affordable retreat center for non-profit organizations that promote personal growth, inspiration and empowerment.”