To Honor His Grandfather Jake

The first group rental for this land that had become known as “LOMG” took place in April 1999.

In 1998, a descendant of Jake Cole donated 11 acres in North Zulch, Texas, to Houston-based “Men In Mission” (MIM), a 501(c)3 organization, and was named “Land of My Grandfathers” to honor his grandfather Jake. Along with this donation, plans were made to take this beautiful piece of land, formerly a cow pasture, and build a site to accommodate many types and sizes of groups for future sustainability. Funds were raised, 100s of men gathered, the property was built out, and the first group rental for this land that had become known as “LOMG” took place in April 1999.

We invite you to allow our staff to assist you in planning your next event . . . Men’s Meetings, Women’s Meetings , Church Retreats, Adult or Teen Team Building events, Educational events, and more.

Over the years this land has taken on a “Sacredness” that seems to call out to every person who steps onto this property. This began with the enormous amounts of love, time, and the energy that hundreds of men contributed to this site, located 90 miles north of Houston Intercontinental Airport. “LOMG” over the years has expanded its rental usages, which now allows this revered site to be used for many different sorts of groups offering workshops, courses, overnight events, one day events, and seminars.

“LOMG” has been providing profound experiences, multiple activities, and events for Youth, Women’s groups, Spiritual retreat groups, Family oriented trainings, Boys to Men Trainings, Father and Daughter Weekends, and more, since 1999.

Building the Circle of Stones

With the support of our generous donors, Volunteer Led Board of Directors and community driven work-force, we are honoring our Commitment to building supportive relationships, and creating an environment that is joyful, cost effective, and offers an exceptional experience with continual improvement and strategic expansions.

LOMG History